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April 14, 2018 | | Comments 0

It’s A Phrase

April 14, 2018

It’s a phrase hidden inside a day that never woke
or slept,
It’s a snowflake erased for the sake of no two alike
although, in secret, it sits on a throne of fire as the
mother of them all,
It’s the color blue swimming in pure white light,
It’s a butterfly asleep on the upturned stomach an
infant tyrannosaurus,

The smile that’s beyond condemnation for where its
been born from,
The love that has no discretion, that keeps caves as
dark as rainbows need more than one color,
It’s a leprechaun French-kissing a gargoyle under a

You, me, she, he, they and we, worlds hyper-galloping
on the backs of black hole fleas,
God-dogs roaming free, this life and a hot apple pie
upon Edgar Allen Poe’s window seal cooling in a
gentle May-time breeze,

Take a deep breath and breathe free of criticism; the
air has swam billions of light years to lift you like a
kite into morning, noon and night, let no one frighten
your kindness, your drive, your pace,
This existence-kaleidoscope awes even when your
wings are enfolded inside a cocoon’s might,
Time will not fail you; Imagination is your father,
mother, sun and moon, it’s your UFO gently humming
on the edge of what was, is and wherever Yet, Here,
Then and Zero sings inside your joy to implore
pronouncing ‘I am.’

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