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April 16, 2019 | | Comments 0

Howler Monkies

April 16, 2019

Howler monkeys in the dripping emerald trees,
Her passion wantonly withering roses kept secret and clean,
Tides rising, spires burning, letting go and residing stubborn,
Clouds and hurricanes, tornadoes and weather vanes,
Adam and Eve, their ghosts making love in lagoons of
remembrance and untrue disdains of Legends forged with
personal contempt and jealously of Idols sought externally
and not inside,

Inside out and outside in, these days and nights, these
twins of flame and might,
The pregnant hippo, the lions asleep in diamond caverns,
The dancing, naked gnomes and the boon of elder dragons,
languishing in cold, pure moons,
Lips about to say something, Something winking and erasing
face and identity,

Cosmoses swirl as confusion reigns in its classmates to the
rising sun’s mortal weather vane melting,
Dinosaur ghosts, limo service to the greater than Great,
Belts disintegrating and corsets dissolving, the letting go
of patience and politeness, the dance of wild wolves and
starving hyenas,

The sweetness of a cold Springtime daughter-waterfall,
The cloak of bright green mosses upon the toad-King’s
daughter’s laughter,
The grandfather clock tearing itself from weight and winding,
The coil red hot, white sparks, catching itself on fire so to
see its essential core once again…

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