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December 12, 2008 | | Comments 0

I Used To Say Things Like

December 12, 2008

I used to say things like,
“It’s humbling, isn’t it?”
Or, “I know, I know…
Truly, it’s difficult, I know.”
Or eventually the unpremeditated
would reel its bright, multi-yellowed boa-underside-armor across my life,
(My life) immersed in trying to say that,
over and over again and ‘get it’
through and through until the river of
(my) blood calmed down, settling for
sentences while, unbeknown to me,
THE heart had bailed out long before
I put on the safari hat.

There’s something about planning to impress,
About not turning off the noise when the
feminine wishes to say hello from the womb-silence flowing through her,

And if you think the first battle cry was
sounded on anonymous, Earth-meadows between
brothers and women dressed as men, a place
that would later paradoxically serve as
cemetery, picnic ground and foundation for
the Institute of Archeological study of War,
please reader, consider ‘Mother’ in all her
awesome naïveté and ‘Father’ in all his equally
awesome naïveté,

And that moment To Severance; of the umbilical,
who is now playing ‘boa’ in your dreams,

The infant, a living tuber from a bright
white place of ginger beds overflowing and
rivers of gold nuggets, move-churning forwards
by the addition of trillions of perfect pearls,
who should know better than to mix with
such heavy, rough-edged phenomenon,
though nonetheless, dive in because they’re
already submersed in Dive itself,
who has been called to create a pathway,
a thoroughfare for each and every birth,
Here, take this, it is (your) baby,

And there,
Hair too,
A name, then,
silent intakes of newness,
Born on month 9 or 10?
Either way, its deeper
birthday will arrive
in 3 to 2 months…

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