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December 20, 2008 | | Comments 0


December 20, 2008


I heard the ground say it first,

Then my feet,


Knee caps,


Waistline-tropics moved a little at the news…

Then draining down,

Fast-hiding inside my bellybutton,

It doesn’t want to come out,

The news,

The reporting of Life

that whatever I bring to you,

I also sing,


both unknowingly and known,

at the same time,

to me,

My doubts in others reinforce my make-believe-

assurances in myself; jobless affirmations are

everywhere in our expectations of others…

Being hurt is another way of being honest with your

real game; a playing field that floats on a sand bar or

a solid slab of decomposing granite, is still floating,

the ‘foundation’ is of no consequence when expectation

and hunger are cooking for one another…

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