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I Saw You Again Tonight

January 2, 2009

I saw you again tonight,

Like one barnacle would say to another,

again and again, until a younger couple

lands in between the handshake

we have established across this 60 foot hull,

paint-titled ‘Dream Cove Hovel’…

And they themselves, as the very dream-house

-bodies they’re dreaming from, grow and grow,

Adding while subtracting…

Now we have mail carriers,

who get paid very high salaries

to reach across this table we share,

mediating from one writer to another…

Bless them, by the way,

because they’re willing to do this,

Complete strangers,

Never mind the same species facts,

They’re training wheels for our now

nervous, personal messages…

I am not entirely sure that you’re getting

everything I say, the way I meant it,

or whether your messages are 100% you,

through and through, and that is alright,

because the mere fact that you still send

messages to me after all this division,

extra pressure and food rationing,

is just outright what I’ve always never

expected and already really wanted from us

all along…

There’s allot of new talk about the grass being

greener on the other side; I do not know what

grass is, though, now, I do know something

about this Other Side fellow…

Other Side is how we flow into one another’s letters,

Like a hungry well bucket plunging,

causing its one rope to smoke,

with all this heart-friction,

On its one pulley,

all the way down to the surface of that

mirror-substance that spells ‘I am and I am not’

all at once, as I disappear into my invoked

‘perfect reflection’ and scoop up all that

watery-Space who allowed me the vanity,

Where I knew myself as arriving,

exclusively by Departure’s means,

and to deliver this substance up to the surface

of thirst, laundry, parched flower gardens,

window washing, and my favorite,

the parts of myself that get out of all this

sudden duty, as I’m being pulled up by the

drum beats of my ebbs and flows,

The sky-coordinates of my flight path,

who generate its own flocks of geese to

fly through itself, tearing Map to pieces,

And I slide down the well-walls,

back to pieces of me, confessedly confused

with all of you; the empty bucket’s resurrection

is never linear, thank god!

Here we are again,

Staring at one another’s cancelled postage stamps, just to reaffirm that it wasn’t ourselves who wrote the letters we’re sharing, sent from inside our own mailboxes…

Yes, love is like that, you wonder allot; for me,

it began when love showed up one morning as something sought after, rather than being unconditionally indigenous to me and myself.  Change is not everything because all things are always standing behind Change…

I feel that the volume of the candle knows something the flame does not, otherwise, there would never be light where darkness through burning time, was guaranteed…

Though, who’s to say, I am just a barnacle,

love-stationed on the side of a wrecked sailing boat, at the base of a lighthouse who’s kaleidoscope-safety-net went out one night due to a stray, wind blown object that shattered one of its triple sealed window panes…

I remember all those conversations that the tower’s near-full-fuel-oil-reserves had with those young people’s souls sitting on that beach, just newly out of their incarnation’s chess board’s perimeter fence-design…

That fuel-oil’s yearning sermon for the flame,

It even reassured me,

that love never fails

because it cannot compare,

and never includes a self addressed

stamped envelope with its applications

for employment…

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