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Resume 2018

Resume 2018

Michael E. Angell, MFA
Nevada City, CA 95959



Updated 1.23.2018


Attendance at Lord Fairfax Community College for one year. Transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, double majoring in Communication Arts & Design (Illustration) and Sculpture. Reception of a full scholarship and stipend to attend Tulane University’s Graduate Fine Art (Sculpture) program with a Chairman’s assistant and teacher positions.


Assistant to chairman, solo advisor/teacher for two years at Tulane’s Sculpture and Glass Departments. Co-worker and student of Newcomb Art Dept. Glass Casting & Blowing Studio apprentice. Studies in Art History, Critique/Critical Thinking and Sculpture. Foundry experience in Bronze/Iron/Aluminum and metal fabrication; as well as Brazing/ARC and MIG Welding. Teaching mixed-media Sculpture classes with a minor emphasis on Creative-writing and Performance Art with students. See student-samples of work at ~ http://michaelangell.com/?page_id=552


Graduation from Tulane University: M.F.A. Earning credentials for Teacher of Sculpture/Studio Fine Art: Exhibitions of work and presentation of Master’s Thesis. (Thesis on file at Newcomb Art Department’s Chairman’s Office). Establishment of an Art restoration and gold leafing studio, literary editor and assistant to the Latin American Studies Department at Tulane University. Sculptor/Designer for Float Co. in New Orleans, LA. and Antique Print-specialist/salesman in the French Quarter. Private art restoration services via LA. Moved to California in the Summer of 1993.

Framing and print restoration studio and antique metal/cast-iron statuary restoration studio established in California. Private Art Instructor, with an emphasis in sculpture and drawing. Three-month residence and English-teacher in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.


One month residency in Egypt. Studies in Art & Architecture (Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, and Luxor.) Three month residency in Greece. Studies in Archeology and Sculpture (Athens, Crete, Patmos, Delphi and Mykonos.) A second journey for two months to study and write in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Liaz/Zagorsk.) Studies at the Hermitage Collection and Moscow Museum. California private-art- instructor in aspects of Still Life, Figure Drawing and Anatomical Illustration. Ceramic studio assistant, i.e., fabrication of plaster statuary and mold making. Publication of Bi-lingual edition of poems from travels throughout Egypt, Greece and Russia. Owner-Operator of Osiris Enterprises (Art restoration, instruction/tutor, art framing, landscape/interior designer, creative home remodeling, earthwork and general construction. Publications for Chatsoft’s Poetry World and continued Sculpture Restoration studio.


Teacher of Creative Writing & Debate at Lewis Carroll High School, C.A. Private publication of collected works of poetry. Co-owner, bookkeeper and equipment operator at Frechtel-Angell Earthworks, a California Landscape/Earthwork Design/Building & Remodeling Company. Metal fabrication and OEM-component construction studio.

Private art-tutor and project-adviser in Yuba County, CA region. Publication/Draft of third collection of writing. Continuation of Earthworks and Osiris enterprises.
Further studies in oil painting. Project manager for Architectural Restorations and Designing business. Continued antique gold leafing studio. Production Manager for Sierra Nevada Theater Company (lightning, stage construction/restoration, prop design.)


Sculpting artworks and commissions. Private drawing & sculpture teacher, CA. Creation of an ornamental-ironwork studio (Sappho’s Forge) in partnership with Heirloom European Tapestries. Owner & establishment of Michael Angell Studios. Interior design consultant. Projects & works displayed at Ramos Design Center, CA. Publication of fifth collection of writings. Establishment of www.michaelangellstudios.com

Construction of an art studio and ongoing development of Michael Angell Studios. Private tutor of sculpture, fine art critiques and creative planning. Creation of a West Coast Gallery connection with Graziella Curreli Artworks in Haarlem, Holland. Studies in figurative-sculpting and private instruction.


Two month travel to Holland and England. Art/antiquity studies at the Rembrandt Museums and British Museum. Further studies in bronze-casting and mold-making techniques. Art tutor in Sculpture, Drawing & Critique. Michael Angell Studios continues. Publication of a sixth collection of writing. Bronze-sculpture finishing and a study in traditional patinas. CA Interior Design Consultant and Private Planner of landscape-features, interior design, ponds, lakes and gardens.

Fine art metal fabrications and bronze works cast in collaboration with Artworks Foundry in CA. Continued metal & ornamental iron fabrication business in CA. Ongoing developments with Heirloom Tapestries. Private art-consultant & critiques of students’ works-in-progress. Design Consultant for Absolute Manufacturing of CA. Work with machining corps and designers for technical metalwork parts and applications. Acting roles with Sierra Nevada Foothill Theater in two productions, Alice in Wonderland and A Life of Rilke. Additionally a Project Manager, Prop Designer and Prop-Fabricator for the Sierra Nevada Foothill Theater.


Establishment of Core OEM, a Holistic Medical Device Manufacturing and Research Facility. Manager of 3-4 employees, bookkeeping, general-supply purchases and deliveries. Electrical-component fabrication, Supervisor & Developer for bronze casting/polishing and Gold Plating Works. Ornamental Ironworks continues (Gates, balconies, custom iron, steel works, interior décor objects, arbors and fencing.) Continued Curator and Representative for Graziella Curreli Fine Art Sculptures. Beginning of an in-depth solo-studio-study/practices in Classical sculpting. The first of my Classical-sculptures are created (Akhenaten, Baby Zeus, Zeus, Time’s Daughter, Rilke’s Bust and Shiva’s Triton) and my writing continues. Sculptures can be seen at www.michaelangell.com under the headings of Sculpture 1 & Sculpture 2.

Continued Private Art-tutor within Yuba County, CA. Bronze-medallion commission for Coeur Mining Corporation of Arizona. Operations of Michael Angell Studios & Core OEM continues. Ornamental-ironwork projects in Napa Valley and the Sierra Nevada Foothills, CA. Development of sculpture studio for bronze productions (Master-sculptures, mold-making and casting/finishing of Foundry-waxes) Continued exploration and practice of Sculpture and Fine Art Illustration. Three month residency in Amsterdam, Holland and the completion of my first novel, published at www.lulu.com. Ongoing 20+ years experience in Sculpture, Mixed-media, Drawing & Design, metal-works, business management, Interior and Exterior-design. Further expansion of www.michaelangellstudios.com.


Continued OEM Studios and Fine Art Studio productions; beginning submissions and publications of prose, poems and short stories through Ezinearticles.com. Michael Angell Studios and Heirloom Tapestries continues their partnership. The creation of www.michaelangell.com, a website dedicated to sharing my writings and their archiving. Freelance artist and creative solution adviser throughout Yuba County, CA. Private Art Instructor, Ornamental Ironwork and Fine Art Metal Fabricator/Designer, Interior and Exterior Designing, constructions and consultations. A three month journey/study of Peru and Peruvian shamanism (Sept. – Dec.) Studies/practices in body, mind and spirit healing in individual and group settings.


Artist in Residence at Art Studios in the Foothills, Grass Valley, CA. Mentoring in Sculpture, Mixed Media, Drawing and Creative Critique. Presentation of poetry at Clavey Winery Art Opening, The Stone House/Nevada City, CA, Clock Tower Poetry Presentations and the Art Studios’ Annual Gallery Show. Metal-work at Sappho’s Forge continues and the creation of Michael Angell Fine Art via www.Etsy.com. Writing continues; publication, ‘The Clavey Poems.’ Giclee-print-development of my original paintings and drawings, also visible on my Etsy-gallery page. The birth of a new sculptural style, creation of narratives for them and their final bronze productions. Ongoing sculptural exploration into my personal aesthetic and narratives.

Currently residing in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, CA. Ongoing Exhibition of sculpture and Paintings/Illustrations work at Art ‘O’ Culture in Marysville, CA. A Solo-Exhibition is scheduled for my work at The Theatre Gallery, Marysville, CA in April, 2016.


Art Exhibitions ~ Michael Angell

Artist in Residence ~ Art Studios in the Foothills
2012 – 2013

Art Studios in the Foothills ‘Small Works’
Exhibition ~ 2012

Grass Valley Frame-shop & Gallery,
Exhibition of Patron-works ~ 2012

The South Yuba River Park Association
Fundraiser ~ 2012

‘Art for Hearts’ Auction ~ 2012

Craig Docker Fundraiser Auction ~ 2012

Art Studios in the Foothills (ASiF)
Nevada County Arts Fair ~ 2012

ASiF ‘The Art of Love’ Exhibition ~ 2012

ASiF ‘Home Grown’ Art Exhibition ~ 2012

Art ‘O’ Culture Exhibition, Marysville, CA ~ 2013

ASiF ‘Small Works Show,’ Grass Valley, CA ~ 2013

ASiF ‘The Art of Tea’ ~ 2013

ASiF ‘The Art of Love’ Exhibition ~ 2013

Art Studios in the Foothills, Nevada County Arts Fair ~ 2013

The Nevada County Arts-walk ~ 2013

Art ‘O’ Culture ‘From Russia With Love’ Exhibition ~ 2014

‘Pops Impressions,’ Group-Exhibition, The Arts Building,
Auburn, CA ~ 2014

Continuous Exhibition of Sculpture and Paintings at
Art ‘O’ Culture in Marysville, CA ~ 2013-14

Online Etsy-store ~ 2011-16

Websites 2005 – Current ~ www.michaelangell.com & www.michaelangellstudios.com

Xanadu Gallery, Arizona Online Gallery, 2016

Collector’s Fine Art Gallery ~ Carmel, CA (Four bronzes on display) 2015-Current



Etsy store for the development of original and vintage pewter heritage pieces. Art studio and

new residence in Nevada City, CA. Continued sculptural works, writing, etc., in CA.