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Sacred Hymns Part 3

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #76

No longer under the spell
of the grave,

No longer under the spell
of the spelt,

Living in you,
living in you,
living in you,
living in you,
living in you,
living in you,

Amen to the divine brothers
and sisters of this celestial court
of watching and being the wardens
of thoughts, to always keep in
Conscious care the world that our
bodies share as one.

Amen to the Highest! (x10)

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #77

Do not be a stranger to your
daily moods,

Be the courageous angel spreading
its wings over the curious at evil,

Know that curiosity can
become a victim of conscious

Be as you are,
Son of God,
Know that you are redeemed
and now filled with the Union!

Hail, Hail, the
trumpets of success:
Go now and become our
success flowering,

Giving seeds to the
divinity that is God’s
creation flowing!


January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #78

Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of acorns,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of hummingbirds,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of raging Grizzly Bears with opal
angel wings,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of smooth running rivers and
crystalline lagoons receiving
tourmaline waterfalls,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of angelic beds of feathers,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of an alphabet of alphabets,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of timid warrior rainbow skeletons,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of living God-hair,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
of purring cats,
Jesus Christ crucified on a cross
that brings the joy and wonder
of your shadow.


January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #79

Canary with white hands of God
for feet,
Canary with the kingdom of army
ants for one wing,
Canary with the kingdom of vipers
and caterpillars for the other wing,
Canary with the forgiveness of
Mary the Virgin Mother for its beak,
Canary with a temperament woven
by Celestial Mermaids and Righteous
Demons who have slaved millions
of years to gain God’s forgiving grace,

Bold brothers wearing helmets of
cresting suns and solar systems
spinning to the utmost topless portion
of God’s creative stream,

Canary with titanium body feathers,
Canary with elbows of gestating
emerald babies,
Canary with a living Christ crucifixion
on its breast!
Canary with the speech of one
thousand angels singing endlessly,
Canary with a digestion system that
rules the footsteps of Giants, Titans
and Goliaths,
Canary with tail feathers streaming
the Cosmic Comet of Endless
saturation and satiation,
Canary of singing noons
and dimming Love-lamps,
Canary of wishes always
coming true,
Canary of Waterless Whales
whistling God’s name endlessly,
Canary of Blue wish-lists,
Canary of Green wish-lists,
Canary of Red wish-lists,
Canary of Orange wish-lists,
Canary of White wish-lists,
Canary of kissing Kali on the
lips with a Black wish-list
coming true in Kali’s heartbeats.



January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #80

How much selfless affection
have you given?
How much attention to the
neglected have you given?
How much graveless life have
you breathed into Lazarus?
Are you worthy of God’s
Are you worthy of the Angelic
polished mirror of your conscience?

Are you worthy of the millions of
cricket guitarists who played while
your body was being pulled from
the womb?

Are you worthy of your Mother’s
tears of worry and good will wished?
Are you worthy of your father’s
fingerprints upon the deeds and
labor wrought to provide your nest
the ground its eggs hatching
stepped out upon?

Do you mirror the waterfalls of
Christ Pegasus’s?
Do you mirror the mirror’s
birth canals?
Are you worthy of angel wings
motioning to fill the air for your
Are you worthy of the Three
solid gold mermaids?
Are you worthy of the rising
clouds in God’s inner eyelids?
Are you worthy of the letter Z?

Are you available to catch the
falling cherubim apples before
they touch degradation?
Can you catch the Virgin Mary’s
tears and make use?
Can you catch yourself and know
that falling on Earth is rising in
Can you catch Something for the
sake of Nothing?
Can you love stench, sores,
screams of sufferers?

Can you open the eye on the back
of your head and see that seeing
is only an echo of Egoless wonder?

Are you the wonder engraved on
celestial goodness pirates’ belt
knives, holy minions of the god

Are you aligned with the solar
system that your astral body was
birthed from?
Are you aligned with your father’s
pride of his life?

Are you fearless in the blood
skeleton-fanged moaning-hungry
Anubis headed galactic representative
of delivering the self to the selfless
Judge of the Dead and the deadened?

Are you as quiet as a cotton bud
Are you as quiet as a spider creating
a web at 2:13AM?
Are you as quiet as a flea
giving birth?
Are you as quiet as the place before
Are you as quiet as the redwood’s
dream of being blue?

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #81

Are you pregnant with the egg
of attachment that never hatches
into satisfaction?

Are you pregnant with a Merry-go-
round that has rusted to a stop?

Are you pregnant with desire for
less giving and receiving Love?

Are you the wine drank from the
grapes of Wrathful Deities?

Are you pregnant with sea sponges
soaking up all that Love gains when
your eyes sparkle with graciousness
for pure breath and believability that
oceans inside seashells are just as great
as those who provide the depths from
where such conch grow?

Who can become such as the
Holy You?
Who can unbecome such as the
Holy You?
Who can overcome the jester Sin?
Who can overcome the fifth ace-card
Who can overcome the purple
pit bulls of Luciferic tendencies?

Are you enlightened to your darkness?
Are you enlightened about where your
fuel comes from?
Are you enlightened about the
flammability of your innocence
unguided by the presence of
meaningfulness of deed?

Give presents that have meaning,
not Ego-satisfaction.
Give presents that cannot surprise
the un-sentry looker called ‘I do
not know what is good for me.’

Are you worthy of the reflections
coming from the Fates’ cauldron?
Are you worthy of the Golden
Eagle shedding its body to believe
in you more and more?

Are you worthy of your
planet’s sun?
Are you worthy of your
planet’s moon?
Are you worthy of your
planet’s stars?
Are you worthy of your
planet’s eyes coming alive,
pinpointing you as the favor
of the angelic realms?

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #82

Are you the nectar that honeysuckle

Are you the design the rose imitates?
Are you the leaf that shields Adam
and Eve privacy?
Are you the petal slipper of the
Eternal Cinderella?

Are you the non-clever brain
enticing the Lord of Death’s skull
to sing with praises of your freedom
from the saliva-shark-teeth of
Hypocrisy and Jealousy?

Are you the Maiden of Honor and
Golden Armor?
Are you the baby in the Arms of
the Galactic Baby?
Are you the reason Jesus is smiling
on his cross?

Are you aligned with the Four
Leaf Clover’s wishing well?

Are you the Hammock of the
celestial-charcoal-rodent Omaxis?

Are you the sexless learner of where
stray desire leads?

Are you what soothes Hanuman’s
Are you what soothes the
reverberation of Thor’s hammer?
Are you the Second Thought of
Lucifer before fire reigns terrible?

Are you the light inside white chalk?
Are you the light inside the snail’s
silver God-trail?

Are you the smoothness that teaches
the multi-faceted diamond to be One
and cease its boasting?

Are you the beckoning of Sun perch?
Are you the beckoning of hornets
gathering wood pulp?

Are you the deity that deities give
alms to?
Are you the God and Goddess that
marries blue and yellow to bring
green into the pleasure of meadows,
valleys and tufts of grass winking at
Rainbow Elephants chubby with

Are you in a house that can call
itself home when it wants?

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #83

Are you what the prayer hands of
Jesus, Mary and Joseph conceal
from the subzero winds of Greed
and Power of Flesh?

Are you the vibration-call of the
beating of the silver-backed
gorilla’s chest?

Are you the color that only you
can wear in the colorlessness of
white hot galactic sunshine?

Are you the Giant of Heart that
shadows planets and graves moaning
collectively for forgiveness for a
life unlit by deed of heart?

Are you the freer of Master’s
and the salve of their slaves?

Are you the begotten ONE?

Are you the reward inside
a baby’s yawn?

Are you the reward inside the
homelessness of sweet Love
dawning in the Eyes of Yellow
Robed Death?

Are you the blond hair of a
giggling unicorn rider child?

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #84

Are you the solid silver bells
commencing Santa Claus’s
take off?

Are you the giver of communion
and gold bricks of Love’s igloo
Are you the grace before saying

Are you the spiral horn’s meaning
atop the silver laced living skull of
the Blue Unicorn?

Are you the haystack hiding in
the needle?

Are you the devourer of
Stay Out signs?
Are you the light that gracefully
leads Love into Compassion’s

Are you the Yoga instructor of
stubborn knots?
Are you the child of union
sought after?
Are you the bashful humble
jacket of angelic teenagers?

Will you give up the compulsion
to opinion for the worthy path by
Unconditional Love’s Righteousness?

Amen (x20)

January 15/16, 2011
Hymn #85

I am the Grizzly Bear Warrior
wondering about you,
undefeatable hummingbird!

Amen to your backwards buzzing,
Amen to your brilliance reflecting
the opalescence of God’s astral

Amen to my slowness seeing you
rise in my conscious loafing on
the banks of salmon skeletons and
singing-me-asleep bald eagles!

Amen to your rising star eyes!
Amen to your tiny eggs!
Amen to the fur I’ve luckily
donated for your nest!

Amen that we both love honey!

Praise the fortress of heaven
where I roam, where my jaws
foam with tides so great!

With claws galaxies long!

With eyes glorious to suns
and mermaid kingdoms!

With a heart where angels ice
skate and swim into fertility