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Sacred Hymns Part 4

January 29/30, 2011
Hymn #86

I am the forceless tugboat
tugging the ocean that I am on,

On this sweetness that’s in the
electric jurisdiction of your

Thank you, thank you,
for being so watchful
of your actions,

Thank you, thank you,
my star, my star,
wishless and all you,
wishless and all you,

As you bear it,
as you bear me,
the thousand fold attentive one,
the thousand fold attentive one,

The breathless rainbow bowing
down to God in all these colors,
the breathless rainbow bowing
down to Mary,

Freshness that’s in your hard
earned guardianship of what is
the eagle headed fortress around
your heart.

The witness that is you in me,
in your joy, thankfulness hails you,
hails you (x20)


January 29/30, 2011
Hymn #87

I am Juramidam,
the lightning and the creed,
the lightning and the creed,
the depth and the Me,
the thunder and the underneath,
the stars and the meal of Gods,
the solar system and the rake
in the lawns of Hades,
the rake in the lawns of Hades,

I am Juramidam,
the countlessness blooming
in your heart,
in your heart,
blooming on your family tree,
ready fruit!

Ready fruit as you are!
Remember my might and your
choices must match,
remember my might and your
choices must match,

Though I am the matchless,
though I am the matchless,

I am Juramidam,
this inhale,
this systematic rightness that
belongs to my aquatic kingdom,
this systematic rightness that
belongs to my aquatic kingdom,

This pleasure being you,
Prince of Watchfulness,
pleasure of Lover of Lovers,
pleasure of Poet,
pleasure of Governors,

All are in their Holy-union-
places in God’s Holy-mandala-
setting, no one is out of place.

Those angry at the Trespasser-
Innocent is the most lonely.

In this house where I wear the house,
in this house where I wear the house,

I am the Lord of The Vine,
I am the Lord and Princess
of The Vine.


Hail lark to the fleet of hummingbirds,
Hail lark to the fleet of flaming
rightness-angels aglow,
aglow, (x10)


January 29/30, 2011
Hymn #88

In this forest that I am not alone,
in this celebration that is you
coming to me for the healing that
must be done through only the
earth of the Lord God’s body,

There are no secrets,
only the Guilty believe in secrets!

I am the Rainbow Goddess thoroughfare,
I am the Rainbow Goddess thoroughfare,

In this setting that is the quartz crystal
palace of Atlantis that the earthquake
could not touch,

In this setting that is the quartz crystal
palace of Atlantis that the earthquake
could not touch,

I am the Elephant of God,
I am the Jaguar of Thor,
I am the Eagle of Love,
I am the Bear of Warmth,

I am the honey against my own lips,
I am the honey against my own lips.

My own lips (x10)

January 29/30, 2011
Hymn #89

I am the Purple Prince
of Emerald Blessings,

I am the Purple Prince of
escalating diamond crocodiles,
never leaving your side,
these guards of your
Holy White light,
to me,
rowing to me,
I thank you for your
rowing to me.


January 29, 2011
Hymn #90

I am the satisfaction that is all of You,
without withdraws,

I absorb and deliver all of your
conscious actions back to you
as fortune or fall,
there are no maybes,

Maybe is the bride of Ego-evil.
I am the deed that cannot be claimed
by deeds,

I am the net and the glory,
I am the net and the glory,
I am the White Crystal Spider,

I am the White Crystal Spider
weaving you in and out of
your presence,
your presence,
your presence,
your presence,
your presence.


January 29, 2011
Hymn #91

In these fields of being patient with Evil,
I am the Black Diamond Rhinoceros,
I am the Shinning Rainbow legend
at the corner of each of God’s eye sockets,
I am the caresser of soothing Love,
I am the caresser of soothing Love,

I will never retract my claw
of white hot love,
I will never forget the Christ on the Cross,

The Cross-roads that awoke sleeping
lazy Hades, to gather himself
and march into his conscience,

I am the Savior of Doves,
I am the Savior of Architects,
I am the union of Crow,
Albatross, Tiger, Monkey
and the Crystalline Kingdom,

My name is You,
my name is You,
my name is You,
my name is You,
my name is You,
my name is You,

January 30, 2011
Hymn #92

My Love Polar Bear Cub,
wandering to my arms,
I am the Goddess of Love whispering
over your beautiful full crisp,
lush bones,

I am the warmth in your heart,
flowing, standing in you,
I am in You as You,
you, my pure medium-art of
willingness to be the you are,

Go be with me and understand
that the willingness to pour to the
poor your love is the greatest gift,
all else is nothing,
only your living-love is worthy
to go beyond Gold (x10).


January 30, 2011
Hymn #93

I understand your weaknesses,
I am the mother of Invention
on the biology level,
I am the electrode
upon all chemical processes,

Honor me through your purity-choices,
honor me through your strength in
character, not strength of character,

I am the gems of God’s aloneness,
I am the Hope sapphire’s blooming
in his wet lips, I am the forest of Ecstasy,
I am the tigress of ALL,

I am the Green Entrance where his all
passes without question, I am the purring
that stalks killer whales, clawing through
the thick ice to end their doom, to seal
their kindred souls in a love nest that is
forever branded through the creation of
The You who is innocent beyond the walls
of ego chambers, beyond the calls of
Want More and Judge More,
beyond holding the hymn books of religions
and knowing no songs by heart of where
your favorite song to God came from,

I am the million cobra breath of Galaxies
smoothing out their differences,
I am what glues Atlantis memories to you,
I am the fleet of Mother-of-pearl diamond
breathing fire-shape-shifting-salamander
Emperors glowing through God’s merciful
kingdom, full of unity and the songs of
Life and Death,

I am the witnessless witness,
I have no cover,
blankets beg to me,
I adorn them with happy chilly babies,

I am the unified breath of Always
and what is, I am the terror
that forest fires blush at,
none cross the line I draw,

I am the dark Goddess Kali ka,
I am the unification of sweet and venom,
I am the Called One of God,
I am the blessed always and forever awake,
forever awake (x10 more).

Amen in Kali ka

January 30, 2011
Hymn #94

You are the savior of your strength,
Sampson birthed his short hair,
Sampson birthed his sleep and
the mistress hunter of curly locks,

Beware of Vanity,
thoughts of being separate from others,

Beware of Pride that accumulates
only through consumption of
others weaknesses,

Beware of the Trophy,
look into your own eyes for the
reflection of worth,
polish nothing,
know all that is the unified kingdom
in You, know all that breathes,
know me as the Holy I AM,
know me as the unification of all herbs,
fairy worlds,
I am the Goddess of Love,

Understand the difference between
the Kingdom of Thieving Desire
and my embodiment of Price,
True Love always costs.

Amen (x20)

January 30, 2011
Hymn #95

I am the duty of the red lily,
remember me on the grassy
knolls of God,

Know that I am the preciousness
of the Jesus kingdom,

Sing my praises,
white hot unicorns dancing,
elves happy to serve me with their
birth-to-elderly, no retiring!

Know me, know me and understand
that this unity of flowers,
and lightness of spirit,
read poetry, read teachers,
beware of entertainment,

Know that the flesh only imitates
the world of the Spirit within.

Do not pay your attention to the
faults of others, pain of ego is gluttonous
and feeds the babies of Evil when
attention is paid to fault finder’s fees,

Know me and understand that I am the
red-ghost-mistress of all that is mighty
about God’s Grassy Knolls,
know me and witness my coming
on the wings of Golden Ostriches,
the wings of Eagle Union,
the wings of Holy Pegasus,
the titans adore me,

Understand that I am the answer
to God’s want of a Holy Pet,
see me,
worship the ruby as a droplet
of my always living blood,
see me,

Understand that the kingdom of
jellyfish adore my bread,
understand that octopus possess
my black shields of privacy,

Beware those who shine their
weakness upon Nature,
beware the demons who anoint
the silence of Nature with the
symbolism of ego,
know me,
see me.

January 30, 2011
Hymn #96

Own nothing,
understand that growing old is
surrender, it is the Echo of God’s
will that you climb the holy mountain
where he is enthroned, to climb the
mountain of worldly-illusion and to
become a shepherd of Love,

To become the sort of tenderness
where barbed wire bends and lends
its ear to your whiteness of God-wine,

Understand that I am the Fairy of
Solar-births, understand that suns do
not die, ego dies and promotes
beginnings and endings,

All surrounding is the resplendent
responsibility of the Kingdom of
Fortune’s fortress, the might of
Thunder Gorillas on fire with Holy
Union of Purpose, ready to pounce
on all those who whisper the gossip
of Extinguishment,

I am the might,
I am the reason for the color yellow,
understand that I am the birthplace
of what Color dresses its celebration
of sun-kindness with,

Understand that my celestial
palace teems with opal-lizards
and canary feathered scorpions,
to know me,
to see me,
to understand that your moods
shadow my brilliance,

I am one of millions of fairies
dedicated to the birth of Conscience.

Understand that my union is standing,
know me as the Union of Footsteps
and Footprints,

See me, understand that where I
come from is neither a beginning
or ending,
know that my shield was forged by
Metatron and Gabriel,
the messages that I am,
the promise that is me,
is me,
is me,
is me,
is me,
is me,
is me.


January 30, 2011
Hymn #97

Thank you Holy Black Panther
of learning your tender place is
the unplaceable, the peace that
your paws echoes brings us,
manifests is our rainbow spider
woven hammocks in the shape
of a smile, holding us, holding us,

Understand that we dance
and we sing,
this is our might,
we are the union sisters of the
demonness-cobra’s wealth,
her majesty of understanding
the right sacrifice of Jesus Christ,
her willingness to disinherit the
Legions of Ill Will and commit her
conscious will to surrender to God’s
divine plan for her redemption.

She, mighty Queen of the Tar Seas
of Hades rightness, the necessity to be
a lighthouse in the prison of darkness
and confusion.


January 30, 2011
Hymn #98

I am the Holy Hourglass in the
shape of a yawning lion with wings
of hippopotamuses,

I am the calls that monkeys share,
I am the mistress to Lonely Haystacks,
I am the wanderer and conscious queen
of all things that obey conscious love
and loveliness,

Beware of the hypocritical appetite
for beauty, for beauty can seduce
Reason of self,
for base primordial-beauty can
seduce Conscience,

Understand that there are no
weapons to destroy me,
I am weaponless,
hail almighty Zeus
as the father of silver streaked
holy Angel hair,
no uselessness touches my toes,

I am the usefulness of Fullness
in the glory filled unity Christ,
see me as the sister unifying
the grains of the cross to absorb
the scarlet promise,
the scarlet promise,

I am the help,
I am the mistress of picking yourself up,
to brush your own hair
out of your own blindness,

The Angel that struggled with Jacob
was his attachment to the world of
Cause & Effect,
God’s Holy Matrix,

God’s Holy Matrix
where Life and Death are employees,
not events or ‘natural.’

No one dies of natural causes,
causes of ego are not natural
and only ego distributes the gossip
of Life and Death,
Beginnings and Endings.

See me and understand that this unity
is the development of the You
that will never be missed,

Be this union of this divine plan
that magistrates and invites all kingdoms
to surrender to the God-Will-filled plan
for each soul to be a conscious flower
able to seed.


January 30, 2011
Hymn #99

Know this from the White Kingdom
of Majestic Toadstools,
that if you do not make a difference
in your parents, then you have awoke
in the death-witness of disrespect
and pain,

Know that all black feathered
write to the angels
what they see and feel,

Know that the bird kingdom stands as
the deliverers of soul stories to the
Kingdom of Listening Angels,

Know this ME that is neither not-you
or the hornet’s sting of displacement
from God’s kingdom,

Trust that the wisdom that sets us apart
from you is on your planet size,

Once you have climbed Mother Earth’s
skirt with your unconditional love,
then you can suffice to disappear from
her hold upon your consciousness,

Till then, birth and death are given to your
kingdom of ignorance and pain,
till you learn to listen,
to obey the prospects of goodness,
to obey the understanding of compassion,
to come to compassion with passion
that distinctly belongs to you,
this distinction is the Holy Gift
to God’s order of creation,

To see this wet world of toadstools,
to understand that all is embodied
in my leaning into the affairs of angels,

To know me is to see with clarity
that I am the Mother of
the Toadstool Kingdom,

I am chubby with the comfort that my
weavings of beauty have been condoned
by God’s handmaidens,

See that I am the flame that ignited the
Green Dragon Empire’s eggs,
know that I wrote the color change
into their DNA,

See me, I am the artist of the Green
Emerald fire breathers of unity and
righteousness in the division line
between the demonic and the angelic,

Understand that where I am
is where I am from,
know me as the only ‘I can’ that the
Toadstool Kingdom answers its wishes
upon stars to,

See me,
see me,
see me,
see me,
see me.


February 11, 2011
Hymn #100

There’s allot more from where
God comes from,
there’s allot more from where
God comes from,

To this unity-cause,
hail the flexible swan feathers riding
the sky so silently.

God paints the sky so beautiful
so to remind conscience not to
haunt the faults of others with
disheartened gossip and revenge.

The Worthiness erupts and evaporates
the Worthiness erupts and evaporates

It is your charge to contain yourself
with egoless jewels protecting beauty
and all those named ‘You.’

A ‘You’ is a sacred creation,
God does not talk to himself,
God does not talk to himself,

The jurisdiction is not made of diction,
nor are his territories outlined
or portioned,

All breathes,
all is breathing the entities of Space,
Time, Life and Death,
to become the conscious mingler,
the honey that bees starve for,
the honey that bees starve for,

This spaceship I am,
this spaceship I am,
this spaceship I am.

To hold your unification between
the dog’s spiked collar and a blue
redemptive hymn book,
to hold your unification between
the dog’s spiked collar and a blue
redemptive hymn book,

To choose the clouds that form fingers
to brush clouds out of your eyes,
to choose the clouds that form fingers
to brush clouds out of your eyes,

To roll over and play,
knowing that your heart is a trick
that cannot be played while postponing
Unconditional Love.

The weeping,
the gnashing of teeth come from
that region who chooses who to care
for and who to knot,
who to knot.

Untie the heart strings and string an
instrument the music world has never
play yourself out of Debt of Heart,
play yourself out of Debt of Heart.


February 13, 2011
Hymn #101

I Love,
I Rest,
I do not resent my birth,
I achieve inside my heartbeat,

I am that I am and when
I am not, I am still I am,

I return to the seasons,
I return to the blueless mountains
to paint them that way.

I am the senator of unconditional love,
my government is Union of territories
otherwise owned by ideas that die to
the paper who breathes the life ashore
to the reader immortal.

I Love,
I Rest,
I do not cheat my conscience,
I am not asleep
to the Lord Jesus Christ’s
looking at me.