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Artist’s Statement 2017

My art is an expression of my devotion to the love of letting go. I create so to make room for my imagination and to honor the creative force within me. This force needs a mirror of form to see itself by and be my familiar. I appreciate form and texture, juxtapositions, the little details, natural beauty, new myths, archetypes and new versions of ancient characters and storytelling by quiet, sculptural form. I’m devoted to the spontaneous, the primordially beautiful, to the divine feminine and masculine worlds, all sacred relationships and the androgynous spirits of ancient myths, fairy tales and ideas that honor a balance between the sacred and the profane. My artworks are representatives of my passion to participate in this world from my heart, joy, conscience, reason and intuition, from my dream-world-self and a sense of what is true to myself and the spirit-realms surrounding art. I am also dedicated to integrity and to honoring those before and ahead of me. I am a part of a larger family and no island at sea.

I consider the creating of my art as a sacred rite, an expression of my essence and what I feel is intelligently beautiful, fluid and free spirited. You might say that all true art is a soul-rite, not only of the passage that’s one’s life, but of staying with the real world, anchoring and transforming the day to day paradoxes, while offering a response to what one has received by celebrating, endeavoring and being loved by the beauty that flows and orchestrates alongside oneself when you give back graciously in reply to the life you’ve been given. It is also a reply to my family and friends, those I do not know and to those who love and support me.

I do not rigorously plan my art. There may be a preliminary first sketch and that sketch then affixes itself as an axis. I then create from there, the central axis-outline giving rise to the peripherals surrounding it and they supporting it communally. This is only in relation to my two-dimensional works, since all of my sculptures are intuitive creations, flowing from the process only and no sketches. I receive some images through visions that show up in the wax as I sculpt or forms as they’re collaged upon one another, while others simply flow through and out of me as I let go and let the pieces tell me what they want. I consider myself an illustrator and a contemporary and classical sculptor. I create because I was born an artist and I celebrate with the intrigue of The Beautiful, outside and inside of me and how something I’ve never seen can suddenly be standing in front of me as a witness to the mystery inside all of us.

I am interested in the magic of how colors, form, symbol and composition awe and conjure wordless states of personal communion within each of us and give us something wordless and rooted to be with, to relate to in spirit and feelings, reminding us of the other side of life, the eternal and wordless, the beautiful sides of ourselves that are beyond thoughts, deeds and careers. I am appreciative that art also keeps the eternal within us company. It can serve as a kind of totem or talisman, having the power to absorb the personal projections we offer it when we truly look at art and are seen by its mirroring-qualities.

I value community, celebrate relationships between humans and all beings and aspects of nature and the unknown. I feel that making art is walking in-between the mandala of life on earth and the emotional/imaginative realms, while it balances and propels us to be greater at being ourselves. Art lives within the spontaneity of a child creating an invisible adventure out of the Nothingness within a deep, sun-filled forest and recording it in form for all to read, while sometimes using it as a map to live day to day, a tactile-symbol of hope, love and mission. It’s my mission to celebrate my life through writing, sculpting and conversation; to inspire others to explore their invisible sides by similar disciplines and to ultimately sing the untouchable aspects of themselves into existence and share their individual beauty with the world.

Michael Angell, MFA, 2015