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A maternity goddess and Gaian priestess of Eden. A conjurer of dream revelations specific to influences upon a child while in the womb.


A maternity goddess and Gaian priestess of Eden or womb. A conjurer of dream symbolism specific to the quality of the embryonic environment while the human was forming, that pregnancy influence upon the child originating from the quality of relationship between mother and father, cultural stresses, the mother’s state of mind and nutritional health, as well as after birth.

The mask she displays on her back is part of her anatomy, like a burl on a tree; it symbolizes unconscious influences imprinted upon the infant’s core self from inception forwards, as in ‘the masks we wear.’

The snake she holds symbolizes the masculine force needed to maturate oneself from those unconscious qualities and personality traits inherited from circumstance-imprinting from early childhood. The serpent also shows that ‘wisdom of the self’ doesn’t come from self-defeating rigidity, but from serpentine flexibility and ease of mind while traversing all forms of inner terrain.

She has two belly buttons, showing that her physical expression was born from two wombs, the spirit and the flesh.

Her head is that of an octopus limb wrapped around itself, safe and cozy in a healthy self-esteem, it symbolizes oceanic consciousness and communication through the eyes in relaying meaning via visual cues and body language, the primary source of connection between mother and child in early infanthood.

The masculine form passing through her and co-mingling in proximity to her ovaries symbolizes sexual and psychological autonomy from role-playing (mother/son, daughter/father) and specifically psychological freedom from experiencing ‘the world at large’ as an unconscious replica of early childhood imprinting from the family model. It also symbolizes the earthworm, the maker of fertility soil from sterility; it passes through her immortal body with ease and celebration.

The fox-tail symbolizes her totem-representative in Nature. Her legs are those of twin-swamp-trees growing together symbolizing the positive relationship between man and woman and how both feed from the same foundation of inner experience and outward expression in deed and response.

Her arms are symbolic of the embryonic tail that all humans develop in the womb, a harkening to each human’s Gaian-origins and the importance of humility in the mental shadow-lands of self-criminalization and harsh judgment. It also symbolizes an understanding and emotional mastery of the reptilian nature at the foundation of humankind’s impulses.

She wears a necklace of triple horse-shoes, ingrown in her body forever reminding all who peer upon her nakedness that luck is a trinity of perfect functionality in making our lives what they are; action, reaction and the Mystery that promotes growth.

Dimensions ~ 3″ Wide x 2.50″ Deep x 5″ Tall. (Artist Proof)

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