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Sumba Keem

The Sprite gatherer of medicinal mushrooms, plus vines and leaves that sprout roots. Sumba’s boat harkens to the Egyptian papyrus raft but is much older, it is the spirit boat that arrived in the dreams of fishermen and tradesmen as they settled closer and closer to the edges of Sumba’s kingdoms, the jungles of the world, a boat design that inspired many variations, including the famous Viking ships. Sumba’s basket is a living being, like a barnacle it attaches itself to the helm with a single rope-like tentacle which passes through its body and fastens itself to meet any position or need. Sumba Keem belongs to a tribe of such Sprites, each slightly different in appearance but the same in their teddy bear appearance, their eyes and mouths being their distinctive qualities. In addition to bears, Sumba Keem’s race are relatives to the Western Tarsier. Sumba Keem gathers not in order to use his bounty or to sell it, but to propagate.

June 2013
Dimensions ~ 8″ Long x 3.5″ Tall x 2″ Wide

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