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The Pinecone Fairy’s daughter is shown just born; a hummingbird dragon alights on her head, it’s wearing a crown of protection and guidance with a crow head on top that holds a snake in its mouth, symbolizing firmness in duty and abundance to the industrious. She has one eye open towards the heart on a spoon and one eye closed, showing the vulnerability of unconditional surrender and need and ‘The Unconscious,’ that mystery of mysteries that unfolds as she develops her personality. The heart is partly ethereal in nature and akin to strawberries and persimmons, her first ‘food’ from Gaia, always set upon a wooden spoon carved by carpenter pixies of the Rainbow Lands and always delivered by a forest or valley dwelling gnome and Keeper of the Peace.

February/March, 2013
Dimensions ~ 7.50″ long x 4″ wide x 2.50″ tall

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