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Adorable, The Swamp-Fairy-Queen’s Steed

Adorable, The Swamp Fairy-Queen's Steed

This is a wax-original that I began on March 3rd and finished on May 2nd, 2014. I am planning to build a mold for this and cast it in bronze. My main reason for posting this here is to showcase my more ‘realistic’ sculpture-side and the level of craftsmanship I’m offering for commissions. This piece will be available for sale in 2014, but that timeline is unknown right now. Please feel free to inquire if you’re interested in this piece specifically, your interest may help me move forward into the production phase quicker. Dimensions ~ 15.5″ tall x 13″ deep x 10″ wide (At the base).

*THIS SCULPTURE IS NOT YET FOR SALE and is in Example-only-status; its price is subject to change.


Here below are quotes from an album that appears on my Facebook Page (Michael Angell Fine Arts), to give you some background ‘biography’ on this sculpture in most all of its attributes.

That’s a shoe around the steed’s neck: it was a gift from a Gnome, a one-off from his shop that Adorable took a liking to. It’s magical of course; when put down it will walk back to the Gnome village, leading the way no matter where Adorable is. There in front is four Cliff-fairy houses and the top of a chimney sticking through the turtle shell; the Cliff-fairy’s use it to serendipitously smoke foodstuffs.

The round ‘balls’ are Adorable’s eggs, just laid. The U-shaped item in the middle is a magical Fairy-implement, ancient and discarded in the swamp. To the left can be seen parts of the Cliff-fairy’s settlement; the tall building in front is a kind of storage silo and residence, hence the chimney. The building to the left that has a funnel-shaped roof catches rainwater and stores it in an underground chamber. You can see waves lapping the shore in the middle and to the left.

The Swamp-fairy Queen holds Adorable’s harness, her tendril-legs (four to each side of her) are twinning around mushrooms. Her magic, self-brewing-tea kettle can be seen hanging to the right. On the stirrup is a serpent emblem and a happy-face with its tongue sticking out, both royal insignias of the Swamp Fairy Queen specifically, including the serpent head on the saddle strap going all the way around Adorable’s body. The head sticking up on the far, top-right side via the saddle is an artifact the Queen found on her rounds in South America; if you look closely you can make out a severed bird-head stuck in behind some mushrooms, a ingredient she’ll sell in the market or trade that she also found discarded in the Land of the Trolls.

Detail of the found discarded Troll-left over bird-head, near center and slightly to the right. The mushrooms are living beings, along for the ride and to keep the Swamp-Queen company on long expeditions; she also plants them (among other duties) fostering the birth of new swamps throughout Fairy-worlds.

Adorable’s hind feet rest on square pads atop large double-vertebrae, surrounded by her newly laid eggs and more mushrooms. The long skull at the bottom (Belonging to a prehistoric time via Fairy World) was the once headdress of the Keeper of Eternity (A previous sculpture), discarded for a new gift presented to her by a master-craftsman and admirer (another story). Most fairies do not sell or store items away, they simply put them down in the forest or meadows for others to find or not.

Details of Adorable’s back-saddle-stash belonging to her devoted-rider (Both toad and Fairy-queen are equals). The Magic teapot and storage-jar to the left. The Swamp-fairy’s magic book to the far right and another severed bird head to the book’s left end. The skull in the center is another emblem, the Swamp-fairy’s homeland insignia/totem, elaborately integrated and laced within Adorable’s royal saddle. And of course Adorable’s beautiful bumps!

Detail of the discarded headdress, once belonging to the Keeper of Eternity, numerous mushrooms, vertebrae, toad-eggs and a stray vine or two.

Bottom-middle and behind the dwarf-Sprite war mace and Egyptian eye amulet is a living Earthworm, slinking about, doing its duty to the Queen and her swamp.

Right side-profile; to the left you can see the rest of the magical book (Magically bound to Adorable’s saddle by a special-knotted rope). The Royal Tourquiose-Book of Cosmic Swamp Magic, all the Swamp-fairy needs to maintain and create new swamps throughout all known and unknown Fairy-worlds. Her three insignias, the serpent on the stirrup, the smiley-face and the serpent head on the saddle-strap can be seen here. Another cliff-fairy settlement with stairs leading up from ‘ground-zero.’ There to the bottom right is an ancient device that the mushrooms use in conjunction with the Cliff-fairies to remove soil from their ‘terminations’, it rests atop an old, very magical tree stump which houses three boats in its roots as well, just on the shoreside. Middle-left are two more ancient fairy-artifacts, discarded amongst the swamp, an Egyptian-eye-amulet and a Dwarf-sprite war mace, along with an Ever-smoking-pipe (bottom-middle), an immortal device belonging to the River-bank fairies left as an offering to any who wishes it so. To the right of the book is the Swamp-fairy’s magical-dagger tucked in a jeweled alligator head, its handle made from a bird head, inlaid with jewels, magical charms, etc. She carries no weapons of defense for she has no enemies.

‘Adorable’ was named by the Swamp-sprites, specifically by The Keepers of Frog and Toad Eggs, who whisper the name of each ‘unborn’ upon its egg’s exit.

Detail of the South American artifact (top left), the magic-book and magical/charmed dagger. Mushrooms love the Swamp-Fairy Queen, they magnetically bond to her wherever she goes, each cleaning their ‘terminations’ before doing so though via the special device at ‘ground-zero’ (see photos of the cork-screw-type-construction atop the great tree stump on the shore). There are many such devices throughout the Fairy-worlds, each an original but always performing the same duty. Note the top view of the book and its magical binding.

The Swamp-Fairy Queen emerges from her headdress, a mask depicting a final birth, like a butterfly from its cocoon.

The skull atop her headdress signifies her realm-identity (The fairy-swamplands) to the sky fairies and all celestial onlookers; it’s her golden crown-jewel and is additionally a living ‘organism,’ helping her navigate the unknown and ever-changing fairy-worlds and the cosmic spaces in-between. It is also connected to the highest forms of Swamp-magic and to the Sacred House of the Diamond Swamp fairy-Lord.

To the left is the ‘machine/device’ that cleans the mushrooms ‘terminations’ prior to their union with the Swamp-fairy-Queen. In the middle is an over turned, magical flower pot encircled by fairy-runes on its rim, holding creeping vines and just above, on a ledge and under the turtle shell is more cliff-fairy homes.