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September 22, 2017 Underneath the quick temptation of making sense of ‘it all’ is all-of-you conjure-kissing the Great Mirror named ‘nature’ to keep ‘the yearning’ inside company, This companionship is neither treacherous or peaceful, it’s what it finds upon your person as it quakes and rocks you to sleep that haunts the doomsday preachers and […]

In The Realm Of Forgiveness

September 21/22, 2017 In the realm of Forgiveness forests exchange places with marshlands, mosses with stones, Judges with hung- juries, breakable with unbreakable, Tulips ride turquoise gopher-soul-boats into the waterfalls of shedding form, color, definition and cumbersomeness, Twilight doesn’t battle with moonlight, they caresses in full circle firelight, Deep in the jungle a baby cries, […]

He Lifts The Piano Lid

September 16, 2017 He lifts the piano lid and the rain doesn’t stop, Caves turn solid and press groggy grizzlies far out past their bedtimes and territories, A white lantern flickers, burning green waxy oil mixed with lavender, oleander and pine-sap crystals, tears of elk, owl and buffalo puddle in the bear-tracks left behind, the […]

Trees Sway

September 8, 2017 Trees sway, a lamplight extinguished, green leafs moss covered and lichen lovers, boulders splitting and red moons forgiving, lone wolves caressing blue-mist-maidens’ breath while the white grizzly lurks inside its own golden honey comb-lined lair, asleep and filled with waking endeavor to be her candle wax illumination, her inspiration and atlas moth […]

It Was A Soft Attempt

July 6, 2017 It was a soft attempt to step upon the volcano’s tail, Yellow clouds drifted across steeples of blossom and bone, warships and forgotten mystifying relics, perfectly preserved, new artifacts, ripe for the Hammer of Disappearance, I cannot explain why I was carrying a stack of two-sided mirrors towards a region of Existence […]

Some Call It A Secret

June 26, 2017 Some call it a secret, I’ve heard it termed ‘a whisper piloting an earthquake’, Regardless, how Love resides inside a polar ice cap and within a volcano’s heartbeat, simultaneously, could only mean that it’s the main ingredient in everything… You cried yourself asleep last night, You awoke in the morning to notes […]

I Made My Way To You

June 14, 2017 I made my way to you, I sat in your rose filled forests, climbed the amber mountains and swam your dolphin patterned lakes, I built ships for armored Vikings, fed them their first taste of blitzkrieg, whispering the hourglass to commence its let-go of that paradoxically poised rage and passion from seashell […]

Deep Inside

May 31, 2017 Deep inside, it may be conjured by a residing reverberation from an unfortunate event, a moment of awe in-between the setting of cement and the drying of butterfly wings, it may be around the edges of a death-mask, when Life shimmers and casts seeds towards the stillness of what was and wasn’t, […]

I Was Amiss When The Skeleton Turned And Sought A Kiss

April 16 & May 13, 2017 I was amiss when the skeleton turned and sought a kiss, There came a deep thumping of my heart, a pause in my breath, a remembrance of a lost part, a vision of a living flat stone breathing, skipping across Death’s river of bliss, feeding on delicate fluffy feathers […]

I Have Not Forgotten You Nature

April 23, 2017 I have not forgotten you Nature, Then there’s this placement where I hardly recognize anything to hold onto and claim as ‘I am” and that cognition of wilted reasonableness, there’s that oddly shattered plate that reveals its truer beauty in pieces rather than by a whole-certain antique-china-something… And a heavy jasmine wall […]