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The flowers…

November 9, 2008 The flowers: no, wait, it’s winter… The flowers: no, wait, it’s me; I’m outside and cannot see back into what lead me here searching because I carried two empty vases… No, wait, its winter and the water has frozen, the vases are scattered behind me, I’m carrying two, solid ice carafes… My […]

I Call You For Awhile…

November 22, 2001 I call you for awhile, All of ‘me’ leaps out someplace, wallowing next to myself like a child in deep dust learning how to crawl, in its own small patch of desert pressed out through a music, a simple tune of finding ‘I am here, just now.’ Then attachment arrives and the […]

Think of your life and not your ego!

September 1986 It was a cool brisk morning as I wondered through the woods enjoying the new sounds and beautiful sunlight, which was barely peering through the trees: dancing off of the dew covered leaves were sparks of gold that brought a fantasy land effect to the forest. Suddenly I felt as if someone was […]