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The Lighthouse

March 29, 2009 The lighthouse. The unpainted stairs leading up to the bulb. This rotating beacon, blinking out over a desert, cactus sailors and sand guests… The softness of the sounds did not match the husband’s mood. The prancing deer, somewhere to his East, begging the morning with its trot-dance, for a sphere of fruit […]

I Saw You Again Tonight

January 2, 2009 I saw you again tonight, Like one barnacle would say to another, again and again, until a younger couple lands in between the handshake we have established across this 60 foot hull, paint-titled ‘Dream Cove Hovel’… And they themselves, as the very dream-house -bodies they’re dreaming from, grow and grow, Adding while […]

You nearly always…

December 20, 2008 You nearly always got out of the shower before I did, Lingering, deep not-knowing-wanting, I wished to keep seeing more of that kind of unconditional, picture-perfect-beauty that told me everything would be alright, that having your beauty was proof of my own, and not ownership (?) What it did not tell me […]

Weathered Cathedrals Of Autumn Wheat

October 26, 1999 Weathered cathedrals of Autumn wheat shinning beside a lighthouse crescent, An early rising farmer and a poetry following his retrieval of them. There is an evening danced throughout a candle slim, smaller than its flame consuming. In a hand all else resides unfinished ~ A season of wealthy ambitions, still there is […]