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The Earth Asked

April 13 & 14, 2009 The Earth asked, so she did, peel its suntanned skin off, and rolled it up, tucking it away; not necessarily safely, though simply in a box between itself and the void who allowed six sides to agree at being a box. Yes, we are climbing on ourselves actually when we […]

I Look Up, It’s Night, The Stars Show The Briskness

November 22, 2001 I look up, it’s night, the stars show the briskness, the air is ‘right’ for me, my head dissolves and I wish I could become the hints that the breeze urges into me, like a doctor’s hand, which is expensive, though absolutely necessary. In his truest meaning, the price is not negotiable […]

Give us sword…

April 27, 1991 Give us sword our daily bread ~ Whisper in a tree a song to thee twin 3rd: Let those who tread be not tempted to our light: A, caught hand-some chill. Both bringing treasures for rattles are too loud: B, lead to a pool and candle. A cactus becoming rooted in the […]