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We Hurry Up, Making Up The Future

January 28, 2009 We hurry up, making up the future… A man stands where the sign for a newly completed town is going to be posted; traffic is passing him by and they stop to ask, ‘Why won’t you move?’ And he replies, ‘The town isn’t there until the sign gets here.’ An early morning, […]

I Desire That Something Is Remembering In Slow Motion

November 22, 2001 I desire that something is remembering in slow motion the putting together and dragging apart of all this, its delicate patch-quilt, still who knows, what knows? And somehow, because the miracles exist before we notice them, a small conversation sits up, looks around, it is a private child, in the morning, before […]

Think of your life and not your ego!

September 1986 It was a cool brisk morning as I wondered through the woods enjoying the new sounds and beautiful sunlight, which was barely peering through the trees: dancing off of the dew covered leaves were sparks of gold that brought a fantasy land effect to the forest. Suddenly I felt as if someone was […]