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Drifting, Verbally Withdrawing From What Paints Heavy Streetlamps Happy ~ Visualization #13

April 9, 2009 Last day at the cottage. Drifting, verbally withdrawing from what paints heavy streetlamps happy, conversations of doubt, prediction, redirection and retribution. Disintegrating steeple; as its bell returns to being a thimble-god. Myriads, jellyfish three-piece-suits, mermaids and murmuring guests, conch shells and heaven’s forgetfulnesses, train stations and the coal-smoke left behind; the conductor […]

We Hurry Up, Making Up The Future

January 28, 2009 We hurry up, making up the future… A man stands where the sign for a newly completed town is going to be posted; traffic is passing him by and they stop to ask, ‘Why won’t you move?’ And he replies, ‘The town isn’t there until the sign gets here.’ An early morning, […]

You nearly always…

December 20, 2008 You nearly always got out of the shower before I did, Lingering, deep not-knowing-wanting, I wished to keep seeing more of that kind of unconditional, picture-perfect-beauty that told me everything would be alright, that having your beauty was proof of my own, and not ownership (?) What it did not tell me […]

Lover, Try To Picture Me As This

February 20, 2002 Lover, Try to picture me as this ~ Attracted to you I step round and round a shadow land. This is a place without worry of over crowding, yet it seems there are too many people here; a simple explanation~ It’s the reflections on the lake-surface; we’re counting those as well, then […]