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I Sense It Today, A Presence

October 19, 2001 I sense it today, a presence reaching outwards, one long ray going backwards, as though the sun itself could reach behind its body and endeavor to catch some comet before its collision into oblivion, saying ~ ‘Traveler, do you know what forces make you so predictable; that millions gather to confide in […]

Some Deeper Sentence Alarms Me Still

December 1, 1999 Some deeper sentence alarms me still, it is dreaming inside, here, Watching this writing read, My evidences are so small, While an entirety continues compassing, through faring it, Writhing transformations enrapturing a field of hearts, A new corn crop, where crows sleep and do not eat? You, who I recall often, bronze […]


June 16, 1993 Captivation, Walker across wind shields against snow twirls onto my sight, Tightly ahold, glowing wraps round buckets purchased roses, Couples feveredress colorome statues alike hands on faces wondering again, Isles, His boat window landing, a frame hops birdseed fallen against feathery earthickets, Nothing, Its attention is setting numbers married female sons lifted […]