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Eventually It Will Happen On Its Own

October 28, 2008 Eventually it will happen on its own, like a jagged piece of granite arguing face to face with the smoother ones that the current is too fast: it’s not the current is it? Once the rough edges are taken down, it settles amongst the others and the water has nothing to grab […]

Lover, Try To Picture Me As This

February 20, 2002 Lover, Try to picture me as this ~ Attracted to you I step round and round a shadow land. This is a place without worry of over crowding, yet it seems there are too many people here; a simple explanation~ It’s the reflections on the lake-surface; we’re counting those as well, then […]

I Sense It Today, A Presence

October 19, 2001 I sense it today, a presence reaching outwards, one long ray going backwards, as though the sun itself could reach behind its body and endeavor to catch some comet before its collision into oblivion, saying ~ ‘Traveler, do you know what forces make you so predictable; that millions gather to confide in […]